This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. I hope someone does this to me

By Byron Smith Posted November 18, 2016 10:58:58A bunch of guys in a group of friends have a joke.They say they are going to hang out for a couple of hours and it will be the dumbdest thing they’ve ever heard.They’re not kidding.The jokes are so dumb, you’re not even going to believe what they’re…

Published by admin inJuly 19, 2021

By Byron Smith Posted November 18, 2016 10:58:58A bunch of guys in a group of friends have a joke.

They say they are going to hang out for a couple of hours and it will be the dumbdest thing they’ve ever heard.

They’re not kidding.

The jokes are so dumb, you’re not even going to believe what they’re saying.

The funny thing is, the guys in the group have no idea what they are saying.

They may not even know who they are.

They are just a bunch of friends who don’t know what they really are.

I recently had the opportunity to speak to the group of guys and asked them what they were going to do about it.

I asked one of them if he was going to put it out there on Twitter.

He said he had no idea.

The joke has been out there for months and now there is a subreddit devoted to it.

This subreddit has over 500,000 subscribers and the subreddit has grown into a community of over 1,000.

There are literally thousands of people sharing the jokes, sharing the memes, sharing their memes.

I thought this was a great idea and thought it would be interesting to talk to the guys about it and how they got to this point.

The group of 12 is made up of the following:A woman who calls herself “Dreaded”A man who goes by the username “Ajim” and posts his own memes to Reddit and other social media sites.

A number of other men who go by the name “Manny”A number of men who have similar names, but don’t follow the same memes.

The subreddit has a subreddit dedicated to the subreddit known as “The Dumbest Stuff in the World”.

A few days ago, a number of the men who went by the names “Ajam” and “Mannie” on the subreddit decided to start a new subreddit called “The Stupidest Stuff”.

The subreddit is not for the sake of humor.

I know a lot of people who post jokes about people in their life on Reddit, but this subreddit is dedicated to people who make memes out of people.

The members of the subreddit claim that they are making jokes out of everything, and that they’re trying to raise awareness about mental health issues in the LGBT community.

I spoke with the subreddit members, and they explained that they were inspired to start this subreddit by the death of their father.

They also claimed that they have been told by friends to share the joke on social media.

They claimed that it’s not a joke, and have told me that they believe it’s serious.

The subreddit has more than 5,000 members.

Some of the members have been posting jokes about other topics, such as being transgender, or gay people in general.

I have a friend who posts a photo of himself with a woman he likes on Facebook, and the woman says she likes him too.

She said she was attracted to him.

I don’t believe it.

The men who make the memes claim that it is just a joke to them, and also say that they want to spread awareness about suicide, depression, and mental health problems.

They are making memes for mental health awareness.

The first meme that comes to mind when I think of the stupidest things in the world is a meme from the video game Overwatch.

The game, which is based on the comic book of the same name, depicts a group fighting for the survival of the human race.

It has been made a meme for a long time.

The meme was posted on Reddit a few months ago, and now a number the subreddit is making memes out the video games.

The video game is a very popular video game and the people making the memes are not going to make a mistake.

The second meme that came to mind is one from a video game that is currently being ported to Android devices.

I’m going to go ahead and call it the “I can see your heart” meme.

This meme has been making the rounds on Twitter for months.

The memes on the Reddit subreddit have been spreading to more and more people.

This has sparked a discussion on the subject of mental health and suicide.

I have a question for them.

Why are you making this joke out of something so silly?

It’s a joke and people have been making it for years.

This is something that people need to think about and it needs to be taken seriously.

What’s your take on the dumb and funny memes that are popping up on social news feeds?

Have you noticed anything about these memes on Twitter that you would like to share?


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