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The 3 best social media tools to keep your team productive

T he best social tools to manage your team are all designed to make sure you don’t have to.You have a variety of tools, some for specific tasks, others for managing all of them.I will be looking at three of these tools: Instagram, Slack, and Teamspeak. I think it’s fair to say that most social media…

How to tell the difference between a cow and a sheep

A herd of sheep is a herd of cows.But a herd is different from a herd in terms of its size, temperament and genetic diversity.It’s all the same animal, but there are certain characteristics that make each different.Here’s what you need to know.Signature animal in the herd The main characteristic of the herd is the…

‘Schools have become a haven for paedophiles’: Ex-teacher says school-run grooming ‘has turned our children into paedophiliacs’

Former teachers are warning that schools have become ‘a haven for sexual predators’ as grooming of pupils has become more widespread.A study by the Royal College of Nursing and Childbirths (RCN) found that 1.6 million school-based workers are now involved in grooming activity, with an average of one grooming victim a week.The RCN study, which…

How to build a better radio for a better cattle

How to: Install a better receiver on a newer model of a satellite dish.This article shows how to install a better signal and improve the quality of a radio.It also explains how to maintain the signal for more than two years.


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