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What you need to know about GitHub and what you need in order to use it

title GitHub and the Law article title Google’s legal team is suing Google over its cloud storage services article title A court ruling that blocks the sale of a home on Airbnb is bad news for homeowners article title This article is sponsored by the National Parks Conservation Association.Learn more.

What to do when your employer denies you the opportunity to join an employee-only forum

A US startup that claims to be the world’s first user-managed employee-run forum has been blocked from operating by the US government because of the company’s alleged ties to WikiLeaks.The company, which operates out of Silicon Valley, says it is in talks with US authorities but said it will appeal the ruling.WikiLeaks was founded in…

GitHub keeps a close eye on its staff members

A year ago, GitHub CEO Chris Wanstrath and other executives faced questions from investors and reporters about the company’s staff.Now, the company has taken steps to keep track of its staff, which includes the roles they play in the company.The company released its 2017 diversity report last week, which found that of the company 100…

How to be a YouTube personality in 12 weeks

If you are a YouTube celebrity and want to be on MTV, you’ll need to be creative and take risks.You have to make sure you are taking your time and thinking strategically.So how do you make sure that you are doing your part to be more of an MTV personality and help grow your channel?Here…


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